What is your focal point?

February 25, 2024 @ 10:30AM — 11:30AM Mountain Time (US & Canada)

Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality: 1400 N Williams St Denver, CO 80218 Get Directions

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What is your focal point? with Rev. Christina Jones

As we wrap up "Freedom is in Focus" for February, Divine focus created the universe & the great spirits in human form. Our humanness requires us to embody the fullness & sacredness focus on light, love, hope & prosperity!

Are feeling your focus? Are you focusing on past? Or finding the treasures of the present moment?

Join us Sunday, Feb 25th, in-person or online to make our focal point focused on the positive of what is possible.

Verena Fuentes is our guest artist!

All are welcome.

If you are unable to physically attend, we will also live-stream our gathering on our Facebook page starting at 10:30am MT. Make sure you turn on notifications for Althea on Facebook so you can be notified as soon as we go live. During the gathering, we invite you to submit your prayers, comments, and feedback.

Althea Center's Spiritual Director: Rev. Christina Jones

Rev. Christina Jones is Althea Center's Spiritual Director and a Religious Science CSL minister, certified personal development coach, inspirational speaker, dietitian, and author.

Prior to her becoming Althea's Spiritual Director, she had been active in the New Thought/New Age movement since childhood. Seven generations of powerful ancestors in her lineage have passed on metaphysical and spiritual principles from her family traditions from Africa and other cultures.

Christina has supported various non-profit foundations, domestic violence shelters, and homeless shelters nationwide. She also supports numerous law enforcement officers in Colorado in Crisis Intervention Training (CIT).

Christina celebrates life with her husband, dances, and thrives in the magical mountains of Denver, Colorado.

Rev. Christina is the founder and creator of DivineFeminineEvolution.org, a new CSL-affiliated Focus Ministry, celebrating the Divine Feminine in all.

Christina is "A healing emissary of light for herself and the world."

Featured Musician: Verena Fuentes

Introducing Verena Fuentes, a talented Mexican singer/songwriter hailing from Mexico City and now based in Denver, CO. Verena’s music is a powerful and emotive blend of contemporary pop, R&B, and neo-soul, infused with her Latin American roots.

With her lyrics, Verena courageously tackles themes of vulnerability, authenticity, and the complexities of the human experience, particularly as a woman, POC, a friend, a daughter, a partner. She strives to use her platform to give voice to her own experiences and those of others like her, making her music both relatable and meaningful.
Don’t miss the chance to experience Verena’s one-of-a-kind sound and poignant storytelling for yourself.

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