Winter's Gift Gala Banquet

December 8, 2023 @ 7:00PM — 10:00PM Mountain Time (US & Canada)

Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality: 1400 N Williams St Denver, CO 80218 Get Directions

Winter's Gift Gala Banquet image

​We Invite you to Althea Center's Holiday Banquet Gala, Winter's Gift!

In the heart of December’s embrace, amidst the frost-kissed air and softest lace…

There lies a tradition, a moment so bright,
Winter's Gift at Althea Center, a magical night.
A soirée of wonder, a tapestry divine,
Where holiday magic and connection entwine!

Come join us, dear souls, on a wintery eve,
As we gather in unity, our spirits to cleave.
Cocktails and mocktails, a symphony of delight!
Shimmering elixirs to elevate the night.
Sip, laugh, and savor in joyful cheer,
As we unwrap the blessings of this time of year.

Chef Tom Flautt, a maestro of cuisine,
Shall craft a feast, a masterpiece to be seen!
Prime Rib's succulence and flavors grand, a vegetarian option, divine and planned.

Adorn your favorite holiday attire!
Resplendent colors and sparks of fire.
Althea's Dining Room shall shine with each twinkling light,
As we revel in this divine winter's night.

Althea Center, a sanctuary of souls,
Embracing spirituality, our hearts' true goals.
Feel the warmth as community embraces all
In this festive season, we hear nature's call.

So come, dear friend, take our outstretched hand,
Let your spirit dance freely, no need to understand.
Winter's Gift awaits, a treasure so rare
At Althea Center, where love fills the air.

Tickets will be on sale through Tuesday December 5th in order to give the Chef a headcount in advance. Any net proceeds will go toward Althea's 100 Year Fundraiser for upcoming building projects.

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